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i was recently interviewed by incg magazine. it is mainly a cg magazine, with a heavy focus on character design and animation, but the interview covered all aspects of castleforte, including my motion graphics work, nicebunny paper toys, character illustration and toy design, my new book, iphone app,, even my awesome fur child, soul. they even included a photo of him. needless to say, i’m pretty happy about the whole thing. and i am honored to be mentioned along side a handful of extremely talented artists, including the team who created the new animated, blockbuster feature file, megamind. so a huge thanks to ray gemhorn for the interview.

oh yeah, the magazine is from taiwan, and all of the text is in mandarin, so i can’t read it. so that’s unfortunate. but at least it’s loaded with pretty pictures. ;) but you can read the english version of my interview below, if you like. enjoy…

1. About, Why use bunny as your main Image?

NiceBunny is sort of a play on characters like The Punisher and The Crow. But I wanted my bad ass, back from the dead, anti-hero, to be little, cute and fluffy. Like a bunny. :)

2. What makes you wanna spread the words “Be Nice” to everyone?

Well, for starters, NiceBunny’s message is really “Be nice, or else!” Of course, we can’t really be like that in the real world. But I do believe that being nice is the best way to be, and that we all benefit from being nice.

3. As the Be Nice are about good things like nice to people, animal, ourselves and earth, but using the dark and a little evil look bunny , is that mean something?

NiceBunny is not evil in any way, but he is back from the dead, fighting to set things right in the world. Like The Crow came back to avenge the death of his murdered love, NiceBunny is avenging the entire planet and it’s innocent inhabitants, from the evil oppressors who continue to do wrong. The real message is this… ” If we don’t start being nice to each other and the world we live on, we aren’t going to make it.” “Be nice, or else!”

4. How’s the idea came out or get inspired for your paper works?

Paper toys were a way for me to get my characters into the hands of my fans. My original NiceBunny paper toys were inspired by Sjors Trimbach’s BrickBoy toys.

5.What’s the nice bunny personality?

He is here for one reason, to right the wrongs of the world. Be nice and get out of his way.

6.Are there any Character under development? Would you like to share with us?

Well, last year I created a serious of characters I call the Tribalnots. There are still a few limited prints and things available. I am also working on an Iphone app featuring some of these characters, and I have some plans to do more with them in the near future.

I have also created a new series recently, called the Rainbros. They are four colorful brothers with vastly different personalities. I am looking to do some fun kids stuff with these little guys. Working on making some prints and things available soon.

7.Saw your products like t-shirts, prints, buttons, are there any new products you wanna work on?

I am looking into some other products such as skate decks and things. Keep your eyes peeled.

I am most interested in developing original artist content and games for the Iphone and other smart phones, that would feature not only my original characters, but other artists as well. I really hope to have a NiceBunny game soon.

8. Back to Brian Castleforte , would you introduce about yourself?

I am a Los Angeles based, freelance illustrator and motion graphics designer. I have worked on many exciting film and television titles and commercial graphics over the last 10 years.

I am the creator of a paper toy social network called, which has around 3000 members and is growing daily. I have been published in books about paper toys, and have my own paper toy book due to be released in December, called 50 Paper Toy Monsters by 25 Paper Toy Artists, to be published by Workman Press. And my first Iphone app, “Wack in the Box“, which features my original characters, will also be available this year.

I love characters and toys. I am inspired by many things, including my amazing dog, Soul, who is sitting by my side right now. :)

9. As a Motion Graphic designer, animator, what is the most enjoyable stuff in these ?

Honestly, it really depends on the project. Film titles are very cool to work on. The most fun stuff  for me are the more artsy projects, where we get a lot of creative freedom to just make something look really cool.

10. What’s your mostly used software when you making motion graphics, and what’s their advantage form others?

I use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, After Effects for 2D animation and compositing, and Cinema4D for 3D design and animation. They are all standard tools in my business. Some people use Maya for doing 3D, which is great for many things, but Cinema 4D has some major advantages for going motion graphics work that rivals the other 3D applications, such as ease of use, speed, and it’s incredible Mograph system.

11.Would you kindly share some experience and advice for being a good Motion graphic designer?

Being a good mograph designer requires many different disciplines. You must possess a good understanding of color, composition, lighting, timing, motion, typography, to name a few. You must also be very proficient in the software I mentioned above. You must also be able to work well with people, understand the needs of the client, and be willing to work as long as it takes to get the job done right. And of course, as with everything, it pays to be nice. :)

12.What other blog you like , would you recommend for our readers?

A couple of my favorites are and

And you can follow me in all these places…

~ by castleforte on November 7, 2010.

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  1. Hey, congratulations, Brian! That’s so cool!

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